Wednesday, January 28, 2009

kelly, boxer, ninja (cat), kidd, and katie red shoes.


Blogger Unknown said...

hello i am elfie, i love your blog :) it really makes me think of my past alot.... i was homless in seattle for the winter of 2008 and then again in summer 2009, i was 17 then,it was hard as hell but we made the best of it and did what we neede to do just to survive... and this is awesome what you are doing, getting their story out there! i am off the streets now, i have a job and im in school part time i have a beautiful 3 year old and every day she amazes me :) i would love to read more of this, i also knew vash... i miss him alot :( RIP <3 i have also been looking for my brother... he has been gone for a year or so now... and im worried... he hitch hikes alot and he also drinks ALOT :/ his name is stephen of XBOX, if you see him up there tell him elf is looking for him PLEASE?!?!?

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