Tuesday, November 27, 2007

faust and vash at freeway pk.
faust lives in an abandoned warehouse.
it's dingy and dilapidated with broken glass covering the floors.
vash sleeps in different places - mostly under awnings just feet from the sidewalk.
the bumble bees (roaming street security in yellow vests) wake him up every morning
and tell him to move on.
and he moves.
on and on and endlessly on.

i feel sad a lot.
i think it's because i can't really feel good about my life
and all i have (shelter, food, enough $ to get by)
when so many others don't have those things.
how can i feel good?

these kids...
they're so beauty-full.
they deserve so much more.


Blogger aNaY said...

Katia, you should not feel sad. They need you happy. They need to see somebody like you that care about them, that treat them as equals, that share their worries, that respect them and help them. Somebody from the "outside world" to talk with... that is you. You make them a lot of good so they will feel better if you encourage them with your happiness and your hope.

They will make it. And they will find all the treasures that are waiting for them. As you say, they are Beauty-Full. So make them believe so with your actitude. And feel good. You should.

I really enjoy looking at all this pictures and fragments of their lifes. I feel your concern and I also feel your heart. If I do it from here, sure they feel it a lot more.


12:30 AM  
Blogger iamkatia said...

oh, ana, your words uplift me. :)

you know, i rarely feel sad when i am with the kids. it's only when i come home to my warm cozy place that i start to feel a bit sad knowing they are all still out there - in the rain, in the cold, getting hassled by police and pedestrians, etc. and here i am - safe, sheltered, fed. it doesn't seem fair and it's definitely not right. but i use these feelings to motivate me to do all i can do to help them. and yes, Love them. that's the easy part. :)

thanks for being here..

2:08 AM  
Blogger aNaY said...

I understand your feeling. You are in a warm place. They are not. But you are giving them your heart and soul. That is really A LOT. So, as you say, use that feelings to motivate you and give you the strenght to fight for their rights and survival. If you transmit them your enthusiasm you all can get enough power to find their right place.

Why don't you try to prepare a project that could report their reality and make the society more aware of it? like an official campaign... I just started something like that, a cultural cooperation between Senegal & Spain and got a good response from the government!! If you believe in a project, you can make it happen!!

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pictures, really interesting - especially after reading All of God's Children.

Are the kids in the photogrpahs on the streets through choice?

Are they drawn there because it's romantic to live without constraint?

Do they sell drugs, thus playing a part in destroying peoples lives?

Do they steal from people?

Are they ever violent?

Questions like these should be asked before people fall straight in love with the ideas of just letting everything go and roaming the streets.

In what way are these wonderfully carefree kids (and very beautiful to look at) immoral?

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

continuted from the above post:

of course I accept that some of these kids come from horrific, damaging backgrounds and desperately need help.

But I think it is deceptive and counter-productive to try to pretend that all streets kids are there through abusive backgrounds.

I can totally see the beauty in leading a life away from the norms and conventions and routines of conventional society...are some kids drawn to the street to get away from conventional society?

9:19 AM  

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