Wednesday, October 31, 2007

vash called yesterday to tell me he has some big, painful abscesses growing on his body.
on the way to getting him some hydrogen peroxide and dressing i ran into rosco.
he told me that the country doctor clinic on 19th was open and free to youth that night.
Awesome. i took vash up there and he got some antibiotics.
still, i'm worried about him. he's not in good shape.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Vash is back from Portland! I was immensely happy to see him. He's one of my closest street sons and one of the few street kids that I trust with All. He had a bad case of scabies - angry rashes and bumps covered his legs and back and he was continuously itching. Yesterday I brought him to my place where we cleaned all his clothes and bedding and he showered and applied
a scabies medication that he got from new hoz. it was thrilling to see him all squeaky clean and know he had a 'fresh' start.
Here he is pictured with his new companion, scraps.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

this is faust being adorable while munching on a sandwich.
it's getting damn cold here and i've been asking the street kids what their needs are. most of the squats, from what i've seen, are very well feathered with blankets.
faust told me she needed a sleeping bag. i promptly got on a seattle list and asked if any one had a spare.
i collected 4 in 2 days. turns out daimey, joey and miles need one too. perfect. all accounted for.
it felt really good to know that there are some
kind and caring people out there.
sometimes i forget that is the case.

Friday, October 19, 2007

ghost shoulders his pet rat while she gets a drink from purple.
they'll be leaving in a month to go hopping trains for the winter.
good kids - will definitely miss them.

ghost took me down to the CHID pit - a new squat located UNDERNEATH a city park. extraordinary how we got there and a virtual cop-free zone. (one hopes!) astounding how resourceful these kids are.